Epona’s Soul has its origins in Isabell’s lifelong connection with horses and the role they have played throughout her life.

Isabell considers horses as her most influential teachers and companions on her journey into an authentic and soulful life. With Epona’s Soul, she is ever more increasing the expression of this very special bond.

Today, Isabell uses her knowledge and experience together with her intuition and her fine senses to work with horses in aspects of healing and training with the aim to improve their lives and to better the understanding of and the communication with horses by humans. She also accompanies and supports people in finding clarity, healing and growth during their encounters with horses. With clarity, authenticity and empathy, she adds to the life experience of those who allow deep encounters with her and her horses.

Isabell grew up in Germany where she studied law and became a lawyer initially. Later she worked as a legal and financial translator and consultant and also lived in England for some time. She now lives on a farm in Ireland together with her horses and dogs in close connection to nature with its natural rhythms and cycles. Over the past ten years, she studied and encountered several practices for personal development and methods of intuitive and energy work which she applies both in her work with horses and in her coaching and mentoring work together with deep nature connection tools. She also has been attending courses and training on alternative healing methods for horses, in-hand dressage training, equine nutrition, anatomy and biomechanics, breeding, etc. Besides being a longtime horse owner, she spent time living and working on a thoroughbred stud farm and later on a sport horse stud farm extending and increasing her equine related knowledge and experience.

In addition to her main job, she gives her time to work with neglected and abused horses, donkeys and ponies and currently trains as an equine behaviourist and equine acupressure practitioner.