Musings on Horses

Keep your Message Clear – The Alignment of Body, Mind and Heart



Horses perceive their environment very differently to the way we do.

They not only see us and our external actions and how we express what we want from them through our bodies. They also sense our inner world, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, as well as on an energetic level the field around and between us. (And actually, we can do the same once we open up to this way of being and perceiving which has become lost in today’s society).

If we act one way but feel another, the horse will be utterly confused because we are not giving a clear message. For example, if we want the horse to do something and express that through our body and action, but at the same time we feel insecure about the task or still have our thoughts and emotions with other live events, including worries, concerns or anger. These thoughts and emotions can all be picked up by our horses. “You want me to do that, but you are worried? So how is it safe? Or will I rather not do it? I am not sure…”

Out of this confusion, often results what is labelled as ‘misbehaviour’ and resistance. However, there is no horse to be blamed if we are the ones who do not communicate clearly. And this requires that we align all our messages and communication that we send out.

If we want a horse to work with us in a relationship based way we should help the horse to feel safe. For the horse to feel safe, we have to create an environment in which it is safe for the horse to trust us. This includes that we present clarity and reliability internally and externally. And one way to do this is by aligning our body, mind and heart.


Picture: (c) Ingairis – Fotolia