Fotolia 67353267 - Two Chestnut Horses © ktay21
Musings on Horses

Soul of a horse


The soul of a horse reveals itself to those only

who are looking for it.

Gustav Rau

If we truly and authentically want to meet our horses and see their whole nature and being, we usually will be required to have high awareness of our own place and being in this world.

Of course, skills and knowledge on the nature and the requirements of horses as well as experience in handling and dealing with them are both notable and not to be underestimated, but to be considered essential. The more there is available, the better, unless we lose sight on what is essential.

However, for a true and profound encounter with the essence and the resulting understanding of this wonderful species that has been providing such great contribution to humanity there is more needed than pure mind based knowledge (or less; depending on one’s point of view). It is my understanding that it is about time that we as humans start giving back to the horse in more meaningful ways and that we leave our agendas and expectations behind when we pass the stable door or the field gate and to allow a state of mere being with them.

The easiest way for us to find a basis for this is through our connection to our own soul. Oh dear… do I actually dare to write this, even though there does not seem to be much room for the soul and any thoughts and musings around it in our busy modern lives with too much information at our hands and full schedules. But isn’t it that sort of connection we are longing for and that brings depth and meaning to our life as it characterises and expresses our personal expression, i.e. our blueprint?

Having access to our soul, we can experience the connection to our horses‘ souls very easily. We will feel and perceive any person or animal we meet with more clarity for their actual being and attain unconditional acceptance for what is happening in the moment. In return, we are rewarded by the creation of a relationship that is more honest and authentic.

Therefore, the first step lies within each of us as individuals. Being humans in a modern world shaped by and focused on our minds, many of us have problems finding and allowing the silence within underneath all our mind chatter which is essential for building such relationship. However, there are many ways to help us to open up for this kind of encounter. For example, if we spend time on our own in nature and are aware what happens around us engaging all our senses we will increase our sensory perception and our ability to notice subtle changes all around us. Practices such as yoga and meditation can also be greatly beneficial; or any other ‘activity’ we enjoy and which leads us to calmness, relaxation and higher awareness.


Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner